Nokia targets multi-platform games development

'Project White Rock' to target PCs and mobile devices
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Pocket Gamer reports that Nokia is developing a cross-platform project aimed at both the next-generation N-Gage platform and PCs.

The game, tentatively known as ‘Project White Rock’, is being developed by RedLynx, developers of the critically lauded Pathway To Glory. Overseeing the project is Nokia’s Scott Foe, who worked on the world’s first massively-multiplayer online mobile game Pocket Kingdom: Own the World.

Little is known about the game, with the exception that it contains over a thousand lines of recorded dialogue and utilises SNAP technology to allow game devices to connect to PCs. Pocket Gamer are also reporting that the PC version will run at the same resolution to its mobile counterpart, leading to speculation that the two will be visually similar.

This is the first time Nokia has participated in a multi-platform project, and may hint towards a closer emphasis on dual-platform content for the future.