Nolan North producing his first video game

Voice actor teaming up with Frima Studios to develop Con Man: The Game
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Nolan North, best known for voicing Uncharted’s Nathan Drake and almost any other title you care to mention, is turning his hand to video games development. 

The voice actor told Eurogamer he will be producing a mobile game based on the crowdfunded comedy web series Con Man, which stars Firefly’s Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. North also has a role in the series.

The mobile game was a stretch goal that would be worked on if the original campaign raised $3m. It will be developed by Canada-based studio Frima, with help from Fillion, Tudyk, Felicia Day and PJ Haarsma.

Con Man: The Game will see players build their own comic conventions and defend it from aliens.

We recently interviewed Frima about Norse adventure Fated and how the team is creating an emotional experience in virtual reality.