Non-game firms bankroll a third of Unityâ??s trade

As Matmi releases Gorillaz â??brand gameâ?? onto App Store
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The CEO of Unity Technologies has revealed that a third of his company’s business comes from non-game firms.

David Helgason said “it’s exciting to observe how Unity gets adopted outside of the core games industry”.

He added: “The music, film and advertising industries are broadly adopting games and game technology to reach wildly broad game-loving audiences. These products exemplify the kind of creative uses which now make up a third of our business.”

Helgason’s revelation comes as digital agency Matmi releases onto the App Store a game centred on Damon Albarn’s virtual band Gorillaz.

Matmi managing director Jeff Coghlan evangelised new opportunities for the games industry through ‘branded-games’.

He said they provide “vital new revenue streams for the music industry and EMI has been a pioneer in the field – witness the success of the campaign we worked on with them for Lily Allen, for example.”

‘Branded game’ projects are, however, often a source of frustration for developers who want to apply themselves in more creative persuits.

Unity is a Develop Award-winning multi-platform game engine widely praised for its scalability and flexibility.