Now Blitz updates tech for PSP2

Updated Blitztech now available for evaluation
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Updated Blitztech now available for evaluation

UK indies Blitz Games Studios has become the latest company to adapt its engine for PSP2.

It joins fellow UK indies Rebellion which has also updated its tech for the high-powered Sony device. Trinigy and NaturalMotion too have updated their tech for the upcoming portable.

A new version of BlitzTech, which can be licensed by external studios, is now compatible with the PSP2.

“After working closely with SCE for many months, Blitz Games Studios is now keen to work with any developers wishing to develop on the platform,” read a statement from the company.

The longstanding studio’s co-founder Andrew Oliver said: “During the time we’ve been working with NGP we’ve been consistently impressed by the potential of the device and are pleased to be able to add it to the growing list of platforms supported by BlitzTech. We look forward to taking it forward ourselves as well as with other developers.”



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