Nvidia releases VR Funhouse source code and mod kit

Opens door to GameWorks, PhysX and VR Works technology utilised in virtual reality demo, including multi-res shading, FleX and HairWorks
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Nvidia is lending devs working in virtual reality a helping hand by opening up the source code for its VR Funhouse tech demo showcase.

Funhouse takes the format of a number of carnival games, from shooting and boxing to archery and swordfighting, which each demonstrate a facet of the graphics specialists’ GameWorks, PhysX and VR Works technologies.

The foundation behind these technologies, including multi-res shading, PhysX destruction, FleX, Flow and HairWorks, is subsequently available for devs to crack open and make use of in their own VR titles.

The source code has been released on GitHub.

Nvidia has also launched a free mod kit for the game, allowing creators to take a look at the game’s Unreal Engine 4 blueprints and assets to make their own mini-games and share them on Steam Workshop.

As part of the deal, the company has also included a custom editor and five sample mods freely available on Steam, plus tutorials and a new community forum.


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