NVIDIA unveil new VR video and audio SDKs

The VRWorks audio SDK is able to be integrated with Unreal Engine 4
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NVIDIA have annouced a new set of SDKs that are designed to help VR developers as part of the VRWorks development kit.

The company have releaseed two specific functions - a 360-degree video SDK that enables real-time 4K stitching and a VRAudio SDK that allows the developer to track the location of a sound source and capture the dimesions of an environment.

The SDKs were announced at the GPU technology conference in San Jose earlier this week.

The audio SDK might be of interest to develoeprs as it uses NVIDIA's OptiX Ray-tracing technology to creates audio that captures the size and space of the envrionment in real-time. The audio softawre includes a set of C-APIs which allow for any engine integration, and it is already set up for inteefration in to Unreal Engine 4. The audio C-APIs are currently available on GitHub.