Obsidian teams with Gas Powered Games

Dungeon Siege 3 launching on PC and, for the first time in the series, consoles
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Californian indie studio Obsidian is partnering with Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games to build a new dungeon crawling RPG - Dungeon Siege 3.

Obsidian, whose track record includes Alpha Protocol and Knights of the Old Republic, has struck a publishing deal with Square Enix for the title.

Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor is contributing on the project as an advisor.

it’s the first time that the popular dungeon crawling RPG series has been released on consoles – specifically Xbox 360 and PS3, as well as PC.

“Square Enix is proud to partner with Obsidian Entertainment for Dungeon Siege 3,” Square Enix Europe co-COO Mike Sherlock said.

“The company has a history in making some of the most immersive and entertaining videogames and is a perfect fit to take the franchise forward and create a new benchmark for the action-RPG.”

Obsidian CEO and co-founder Feargus Urquhart added: “It’s a distinct privilege and thrill to become a part of the Dungeon Siege legacy. This partnership with Square Enix is a milestone for both Obsidian and the franchise, and the two companies’ strengths for compelling characters and storytelling will shine throughout Dungeon Siege 3.”