Oculus sells over 100,000 Rift dev kits

Pre-orders for DK2 surpass 45,000
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Pre-orders for DK2 surpass 45,000
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Oculus has sold more than 100,000 dev kits for its VR headset the Rift.

The milestone comes as the firm expects to begin shipping the DK2 headsets – the second iteration of its tech for developers.

Pre-orders for the DK2 have reached over 45,000, and 10,000 are expected to be shipped in July. The first dev kits should reach developers during the week of July 14th.

The first Rift dev kit sold around 60,000 units. Purchases of the new kit have now brought that number to over 105,000.

A consumer version of the virtual reality headset is anticipated for release next year.