Oculus swoops for Google Glass engineer

Recruitment drive continues at VR firm
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Recruitment drive continues at VR firm

Oculus has hired Google Glass lead electrical engineer Adrian Wong.

Wong had worked at Google for three and a half years on both the consumer edition and “explorer” version of the web giant’s wearable tech.

It is not yet clear what his specific role at Oculus will be. His Linked profile describes his job as “building the Metaverse”.

Oculus has been busy building up its team in recent months, during which the virtual reality firm was acquired by Facebook for $2bn. Recent hires include ex-343 Industries art director Kenneth Scott and former Valve devs Aaron Nicholls, Atman Binstock and Michael Abrash.

Last year Oculus also appointed id Software’s John Carmack as CTO. He subsequently left the Doom developer in November last year to concentrate fully on VR at Oculus.

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