Oculus VR ponders releasing Rift for free

Team would 'love' hardware to be free; currently targeting $300 price point
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Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe has stated that the company would like to make it's Oculus Rift headset free or as close to free as possible in the near future.

Speaking to Edge Online, Iribe suggested that in the future Oculus VR were keen to make the device as widely available as possible through dropping the price far below those typical of gaming hardware.

"The lower the price point, the wider the audience. We have all kinds of fantasy ideas," said Iribe, who made clear that Oculus VR is not yet in a position to offer the console at a close-to-free price yet.

Iribe suggested various professional relationships, strategies and partnerships could make the price pint a reality.

"We'd love it to be free one day, so how do we get it as close to free as possible?" asked Iribe, adding: "Obviously it won't be that in the beginning. We're targeting the $300 price point right now but there's the potential that it could get much less expensive with a few different relationships and strategies."

"You can imagine if Microsoft and Sony can go out and subsidise consoles because there's enough money to be made on software and other areas, then there's the potential that this, in partnership, could get subsidised."