Oculus: We will invest in VR devs for as long we need to

‘We want them to be able to take those risks now while the market is still new,’ explains Rift headset maker
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Virtual reality platform holder Oculus has reaffirmed that it will continue to support developers as VR grows in prominence.

The firm behind the Rift headset launched a $10 million initiative last year to assist both triple-A and indie studios with breaking into the nascent sector.

Head of developer relations Anna Sweet told Gamasutra that VR’s infancy means that it makes sense for Oculus to maintain its investment in creators.

"The market is new, for us and for all the other platforms out there,” she explained. “It takes a while to get hardware out into the world, and to develop that market.”

"I think the way we think about it, and the reason we're investing in content and developers, is we want them to be able to take those risks now while the market is still new and while we're all still getting hardware out into the world."

Sweet added that software was key to virtual reality finding a foothold in the wider market.

"We think that's a very important way to jumpstart the ecosystem, and to jumpstart VR as an industry,” she said. “So our plan is to keep investing for as long as we need to."


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