Offers on table for Unity Indie users

UNITE '09: Upgrade discounts available for those who purchased now-free Indie licence
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Today's announcement that Unity Indie - now to be referred to as just 'Unity' - was to become free is a massive deal in the democratisation of development. But for those who had already boarded the Unity train at that lower-end, the news might come as a slightly bitter pill.

To combat this, Unity Technologies has unveiled three compensation measures to make sure that no-one is left out in the cold by one of the most significant technology giveaways to date.

Those currently holding a Unity Indie licence will soon be contacted by Unity Technologies with three offers. The first will be the offer to upgrade to Unity Pro for a significantly discounted price (said, although not confirmed, to be around the $1,049 mark - a $450 saving).

Alternatively, users can opt to add Unity iPhone Basic to their suite for a discounted amount (again, Develop believes it will be around the $149 mark, down from $399).

Finally, those who purchased Unity Indie in the past sixty days can get a full refund, but their licence will remain active and they'll notice no difference.

For more information, head over to the Unity website.