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OnLive brings LA Noire to tablets

Rockstar title offers 'highest performance' game available on tablet, claims streaming service
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Video Game streaming service OnLive has announced the launch of LA Noire: Touch Edition, which brings Team Bondi's hit game to tablets.

OnLive runs games on remote hardware, and streams the content to coustomers, allowing those with low-spec systems to play high-end games without the need for costly upgrades.

With the new touch games, this means subscribers to the service can play console and PC games ported for touch interface on a tablet.

LA Noire: Touch Edition is "the highest-performance console video game developed specifically for touch-enabled play via mobile cloud gaming," claims OnLive.

Onlive offers twenty-five games available for free demo, some redesigned for touch interface, others that include a virtual gamepad on the screen. In addition, there are two hundred other games that support the use of OnLive's universal wireless controller.

The OnLive app is available for iOS and Android devices.