OnLive demo boasts no latency issues

CEO Perlman declares: 'We have to get away from specialised, expensive hardware.'
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OnLive, which streams top-notch games direct to any device, including TV, has its share of skeptics. Since the service's announcement at GDC last year, critics have cast doubt on its claims to eliminate latency.

But at DICE yesterday (Thursday), OnLive's president and CEO Steve Perlman showed a live, working demo that passed without any perceivable slow-down or technical hitches. Perlman and COO Mike McGarvey played Unreal Tournament via a cable connection with a server in San Francisco, over 500 miles distant, and showed off various community and spectator features. They also showed an iPhone game running via the system.

OnLive streams games directly to a PC, Mac, tablet or sufficiently advanced mobile device. It also works on TV sets that are connected to a MicroConsole. Launch details of the service will be announced at GDC in March.

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