Oprah Winfrey Network unleashes first mobile title, Bold Moves

OWN partner with Red Games for the match-3 puzzler
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The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) Digital has made its first move into the mobile games industry with the launch of its first mobile game, Bold Moves, a free-to-play Match-3 and word puzzle game for iOS devices.

OWN Digital worked with mobile studio Red Games to develop the title, which gives players inspiration quotes from pop culture icons to reward success. Bold Moves has launched for the iPhone and iPad and will be launching on Google's Play storefront on December 1st.

“We are continually looking to expand in the digital space and have always been committed to creating new experiences for audiences across multiple platforms,” said OWN president Erik Logan in a statement. “Bold Moves is a new opportunity for our audience to engage and participate with our brand values in an innovative way.”

Meanwhile, Donny Makower, the President of Red Interactive Agency, who own Red Games, added in the statement. "This expansion into the game space redefines how OWN is connecting and interacting with a wide range of people."

“Bold Moves is incredibly fun and challenging for all game lovers, and a way to connect in an entertaining and meaningful way. RED is proud to be part of this innovative phase in OWN’s evolution.”

In the past Red Games have worked with companies like Disney, Nickelodeon and Universal to make mobile games and have worked on popular licenses like Duck Dynasty to mobile devices.



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