Organic Motion opens UK facility

Markerless mocap system available at Londonâ??s Studio 7
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Organic Motion has opened its first European markerless motion capture facility in London, called Studio 7.

The company’s STAGE technology is claimed to capture real-time data without the need for markers or full-body suits, and can stream clean data directly into Autodesk MotionBuilder.

"We now offer the most technologically advanced and comprehensive markerless service in the entertainment industry," said Andrew Tschesnok, CEO, Organic Motion.

"We know that its ease of use and improvements in quality will not only impact the gaming industry, but will also shape live-action and 3D animations for cinema, television and Internet productions to come."

Studio 7’s managing director Chris Richmond added: "Studio 7 is all about providing the latest production technologies in both the film and animation realms, to the fast growing UK and European markets. We are proud to be associated with the leading edge commercial 3D animation technologies provided by Organic Motion."



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