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Shriek for your supper: How Supermarket Shriek is making good noise

Earlier this year, MCV awarded the Gamescom Ukie UK Game of the Show to Supermarket Shriek – despite it proving something of an annoyance for our entire team. We catch up with director William Barr about screaming goats, his hopes for a retail version and the difficulties of pitching the project

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Xsolla: Self-publishing doesn’t mean doing it all yourself

Self-publishing has revolutionised the industry but to make the most of it you need a range of tools and services to support you. MCV talks to chief marketing officer Nathalie Lubensky about Xsolla’s efforts to become a one stop shop for studios

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When We Made… Dead Cells

We take a look behind the scenes at the development of Dead Cells, the challenges of developing a roguelike/metroidvania hybrid, why the Prisoner doesn’t have a head and how easy porting can be

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