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Partnertrans to host localisation workshop

Summit to look at process from programming and community management perspective
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Partnertrans will hold a localisation workshop that this month's 'Quo Vardis' development conference in Berlin.

The workshop will feature Partnertrans co-founder Iris Ludolf exploring the various aspects of the game localisation sphere. She'll be joined by Trilobit's Alexander Kochann, who will talk on localisation from a programming perspective, while Nadja Bastawi and Thomas Lagemann from Two Pi Team will discuss how localisation affects community management.

“Localisation is still a somewhat neglected aspect of the game development process,” said Iris Ludolf.

“Our workshop will highlight the expertise and commitment that go into creating a successful localisation. The workshop will outline the issues that developers and localisation teams need to be aware of, and discuss the effect of quality, or the lack thereof, on gaming communities. Everyone benefits from a high quality localisation and the resulting discussions in the communities and media.”

“Lokalisierung – das Erschließen neuer Welten” (Localisation – Creating Windows to New Worlds) will be held on 22 April from 4:00 pm to 5:45 pm in the “Kepler-Saal”.


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