Payday 2 game director leaves Overkill to form new studio

David Goldfarb already working on new project
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David Goldfarb already working on new project
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The game director for Payday 2 has left developer Overkill Software to start his own studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Speaking to Polygon, David Goldfarb said he was leaving on good terms but was keen to work on his own projects.

His new studio currently consists of four developers that have already conducted conceptual work during the last few months.

"I'm abandoning triple-A," he said. "Payday 2 wasn't triple-A but it had triple-A sales. But I just want to find genres that I can subvert. To do that I can't be working for people in the way that I was, I just don't want any of that shit."

He added: "No MOBAs, no comic book styled art, no pixel art. Like, those are things I will not do. And there's nothing wrong with those things, those things are all awesome, I just don't want to do any of them.

"I love role-playing games so I will probably make one."

Goldfarb joined Overkill and owner Starbreeze in August 2012 to work on Payday 2 and another unannounced project.

Prior to that he worked at EA DICE, where he worked on titles including Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield 3.