PC gaming market worth $11 billion worldwide

GDC 09: PC Gaming Alliance releases positive industry report
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A new report from the PC Gaming Alliance concludes that the PC remains the world's leading gaming platform.

Pointing to the success of online gaming in Asia, and the continued expansion of the value of the casual market, the PCGA claims that the annual PC market is now worth $11 billion worldwide - more than any of the leading consoles.

The report, named The PC Gaming Industry last year, contests the commonly held belief that the PC market is in sharp decline as the console market continues to gain momentum.

In attempting to identify the most successful growth areas in 2008, the report highlights the increased prominence of online digital distribution via services such as Valve’s Steam, the growth of free games with a virtual item purchase model, and the expanding presence of game cards at major retailers.

The report, which suggests the PC gaming market in the North America and Europe is itself worth over six billion US dollars in combined revenues, also points to Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Brazil and Southeast Asia as the primary emerging markets in the field.

It will come as little surprise to many that MMO's are highlighted as a key area of growth, but it is perhaps more noteworthy that low-spec PCs and netbooks are helping drive the market thanks to online casual games.


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