Perforce launches code collaboration platform Swarm

New tool supports multi-site teams through web application
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New tool supports multi-site teams through web application
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Perforce has launched a new code collaboration platform for developers called Swarm.

The web application, which can be accessed anywhere, is designed to help improve the speed up the development process and enable teams to share ideas about their projects and leave feedback.

As well as allowing collaboration on code through Perforce and imported Git repositories, the tool also offers support for multi-site teams.

Other features include activity streams, project pages, notifications and the ability to connect new code to existing deployment processes to automatically set up a new version of a project on a staging or production server.

“Swarm shortens the path from a developer making a change to customers getting the benefits,” said Perforce CEO Christopher Seiwald.

“By bringing together all the information developers need to deliver quality code and providing it in an interface that doesn’t get in their way, Swarm helps teams work in tighter loops to match the pace of today’s faster release cadences.”

Visit the official website for more information.


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