Perry outlines Gaikai launch plans

Limited launch set to gauge international desire for streaming service
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Gaikai streaming service is planning to open its service with 300 data centres, with early users limited to those operating closest to those centres.

Speaking to Joystiq, company co-founder Dave Perry said that the service will have “much more traffic” than it can handle to begin with, and users with more than 5-10 milliseconds of lag will not get in. All requests for use will be logged, however.

Gaikai then seek to to open datacentres in places where demand is high but access restricted, or non-existent.

Perry also said that Gaikai will help with security. He suggested studios could release E3 demos to the world only for the week of the event. This, he hoped, would allow press and public to play the games for a limited time, with a code securely held on the Gaikai servers.

Perry also promised an announcement about Gaikai at E3.

“We got some cool stuff to show off,” he said.