Persson: Digital distribution is saving games

Minecraft man laments the demise of retailer GAME
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The co-founder of Mojang and creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson, believes that the future of games will be secured by digital distribution.

Persson, who recently received a BAFTA Special Award for his contribution to the games sector, was questioned on the struggles of UK retail chain GAME, which yesterday shed more than 2,000 jobs as it entered administration.

"I think [Game's closure] is an unfortunate side effect of digital distribution," Persson told Gamespot.

"And I think digital distribution is saving gaming. So I'm kind of torn. I think [Game's closure is] very sad, but I think it's also very fun. So it's hard to be happy or sad about it."

In fifteen months Mojang has made more than $80 million in revenues for its Lego-like world-building game Minecraft.

The game is only available on digital channels for PC, Android, iOS. And Xbox Arcade edition is due for release this year.