Phonetic Arts to demo â??dynamic speechâ?? tech

â??PA Commentatorâ?? to be revealed at GameFest UK
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Cambridge based audio firm Phonetic Arts will be demoing its newest real-time audio tool at the UK's GameFest event.

The company has been working on PA Commentator – a new application of its dynamic speech technology – that is said can “describe every play, mention every player name, every team name, score, stadium and every other detail of the game, all in a completely fluent, perfectly natural manner.”

The technology uses advanced linguistic algorithms to ensure it can create ‘virtual lines’ of speech that are said to be indistinguishable from the speech source.

Go here for Develop’s feature on how Phonetic Arts is looking to break new ground in real-time audio.

Phonetic Arts will be launching the product at GameFest this month.



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