PhysX goes licence-free

Ageia, the company behind physics middleware and hardware PhysX has changed its licence agreements - allowing developers to use the tool in commercial PC games for free.
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With the PhysX SDK now available to all - Ageia's press materials are at pains to point out that both big and small teams could benefit - it's clear that the move is a new way to encourage developer uptake of the physics software and hardware. Presumably Ageia hopes that developers will incorporate functions that use the PC cards and perhaps eventually use the console version of the SDK for non-PC projects.

“Now every game developer can implement the leading physics solution in their products easily and free-of-charge,” said Manju Hedge, co-founder and CEO of AGEIA Technologies.

“Content is the name of the game and the real test of any technology is what people do with it. We've been amazed by some of the implementations we’ve seen in the past few months that are accelerated by the PhysX processor and are excited about bringing innumerable new projects to life. We’ve shown just the tip of the iceberg on the potential of PhysX, and are more than willing to offer PhysX software binaries for free to further accelerate PhysX’s growth as the defacto standard physics solution.”



Getting PhysX-ical

Introducing a solution that brings new way of thinking about physics may be quite an achievement in itself, but Ageia isn't resting on its laurels: its next job is to convince developers that hardware-accelerated physics is the future. Ageia's VP of marketing Michael Steele tells Ed Fear how and why...