Pivotal Games shuts its doors

Staff at Conflict series developer notified of closure today; small team of specialists will be kept by SCi
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Pivotal Games has been closed down by Eidos.

A company spokesperson told Develop: "‘Eidos’ parent company SCi Entertainment Group announced on 29 February its plans to re-structure its business and to focus on cornerstone studios and core franchises.

"As part of this process Eidos confirms that, despite reviewing a number of alternative options, we are closing Pivotal Games – but we will be keeping a team of 10-12 specialists in Bath, who will work on specific projects for group.’"

Pivotal was best known for its Conflict series - the most recent of which, Conflict: Denied Ops, was released in February this year. It had also worked on Conflict: Global Storm, Conflict: Vietnam, Conflict: Desert Storm II, Conflict: Desert Storm, The Great Escape and Warzone 2100. Based near Bath, the studio employed over 100 people and was, up until a few months ago, actively recruiting for more staff.

According to a source, employees were notified today that the studio will be closed in 30 days.



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