Platinum Games extends Sega deal

Announcement inbound, says Sega West vice president Alan Pritchard
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Sega appears to have extended its partnership with Osaka-based studio Platinum Games, following the completion of a four-game deal.

In an interview with Game Informer, Sega West vice president Alan Pritchard said the publisher was set to reveal another Platinum Games project shortly.

Sega’s four-project contract with Platinum Games came to an end in October with the release of the Shinji Mikami-directed title Vanquish.

Though the Japanese studio is free to talk to other publishers, executive producer Atsushi Inaba revealed to Develop that talks with Sega on a new contract were underway.

“The partnership has been great, and we are in talks with Sega now, but there’s nothing concrete we can say about it at the moment,” he said at the time.

Sega’s deal with the developer allows it to keep new IP – a stipulation Inaba said he would eventually like to turn around.

Develop has contacted Sega for comment.