Playdom boss made Disney Interactive co-president

John Pleasants to share top job with Yahoo head James Pitaro
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The Walt Disney Co. has made Playdom CEO John Pleasants the new co-president of its Disney Interactive Media division, sharing the role with Yahoo head man James Pitaro.

The two men will start in their new roles on October 18th, replacing long-time Disney man Steve Wadsworth, who left the company in September.

Disney bought up social games site Playdom this summer for a stately $563m, as part of a raft of purchases massively expanding its presence in the casual gaming sector. Disney CEO Bob Iger told Bloomerg that the new appointments were a continuation of this expansion.

DIM lost $130m over the first nine months of 2010, making it the only unprofitable division of Disney.

“We see this as a growth area and we need people experienced in how to best operate them,” Iger said yesterday.

He went on to state his intentions to allow the new co-presidents freedom to run their respective new commitments, which for Pleasants include Playdom, Disney’s Club Penguin, the World of Cars virtual unit and Tapulous. Pitaro will oversee, and DigiSynd.