'Players won't want to return to real life': Colopl pledges dedication to VR

Rune Story publisher appoints former Kabam exec as US CEO
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Japanese publisher Colopl has reaffirmed its dedication to VR and hired a new leader in the US.

The company previously published Rune Story (White Cat Project in Japan) on mobile, and says that it will now aim for “multiple” annual releases on VR.

This effort began in 2015, with Colopl revealing a $50 million fund for third-party VR efforts.

To drive its presence forward in the US, former Kabam and Gala-Net exec Jikhan Jung has joined as CEO for the region.

"We will strive to develop VR games which provide the best VR experience, so players don't want to come back to their real lives,” he said.

We plan to develop outstanding VR games and I am excited to ramp up our Colopl NI team to succeed in the new VR reality,”

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