Playground touts 1080p for Xbox One title Forza Horizon 2

Sequel will feature upgraded drivatar AI
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Sequel will feature upgraded drivatar AI
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Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt has revealed more details about Forza Horizon 2, including that it will be displayed in 1080p.

Taking to the stage at E3, Greenawalt said the Playground Games-developed open-world driving game would also feature an improved drivatar system - an AI designed to mimic the user's playstyle that was previously used in Forza 5.

In Forza Horizon 2, he said the drivatar will already be playing the game, even before the player has connected online. He added the game's dedicated servers would also allow players to join games instantly, without having to connect to a server or wait.

We'll be contacting Microsoft for more details on specifically how the new drivatar system will work.

The next instalment in the Forza series will be released on September 30th on Xbox One.

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