PMTC and Testronic to merge

It's clear that even the services sector of the development industry is no stranger to consolidation, following the news that QA companies Testronic Labs and PMTC are to join their operations.
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A statement released today by group CEO Neil Goodall explains that the two companies have chosen to double up in a bid to create "the QA company of choice for all media-related industries" with a wide aim to test content on any platform, any medium and any device.

Eventually, the company will operate solely under the Testronic name and offer full games and localisation testing, hardware testing and certification/compliance testing, plus home entertainment DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray testing.

The new company also has a big international outlook, the unification creating a company that boasts delivery capacity in the UK, USA, Poland and Belgium.

Said Neil Goodall: "It is our goal to help our customers to deliver compelling, reliable and easy to use offerings to their consumers, whether they are at home, in a classroom, at their desk, or on the end of a mobile phone."


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