PopCap breaks $1m barrier for new game's development

Co-founder of casual games developer reveals big budget for new game due later this year
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PopCap is growing its stable of established casual games brands such as Peggle and Bejewelled with a new game - one that has had over $1m spent on its production.

That's according to company co-founder John Vechey in an interview with our sister site CasualGaming.biz.

He said: "We have a title in development which has had over a million dollars spent on it so far, and it’s still not released.”

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The unnamed game, due later this year, has been in the works at PopCap for sometime, explained Vechey.

“It’s been in production for some time – we took a few wrong turns with the product and turned back to go in different directions. It’s really tough to get the simple gameplay out there, but we’re there.”

More from Vechey, including why many developers eyeing the casual games space are "underestimating" the challenge ahead of them, can be found here.