PopCap co-founder hiring for virtual reality start-up

John Vechey seeks artists to build social virtual experiences
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A new virtual reality start-up has opened doors, with one of the co-founders of PopCap at the helm – and it's hiring.

John Vechey is seeking an art director, 3D artist and office manager to join Pluto VR, a Seattle-based company that focuses on the development of virtual reality experiences. You can find out more at www.plutovr.com.

However, the experiences Pluto VR creates won't be video games. Instead, Vechey claims his team will focus on developing software that makes virtual and augmented reality more social and connected.

"We live in an increasingly connected world," he told GamesBeat. " With video conferencing, social media and online gaming, we can communicate and play with others like never before. However, talking into a phone, sharing a video or looking at a webcam aren't natural ways of communicating and don't come close to what it is like to sit across the table from someone and share an experience.

"With augmented and virtual reality technology, it is now possible to feel a sense of presence with other people, allowing you to communicate, collaborate and connect from anywhere in the world, as if you were in person. This is what Pluto VR is building."

Vechey's last start-up was Bejewelled and Plants Vs Zombies studio PopCap, a company that was eventually sold to EA for $750m.


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