Portsmouth joins NatualMotion's uni program

The University of Portsmouth is the latest college to join NaturalMotion's Academic Partner Program.
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The program offers collecges, universitites and 3D animation schools subsidized access to NaturalMotion's animation technology. Portsmouth will get licences to endorphin for all its school PCs used for relevant curses, early accesss to new technology and support from the Develop Award-winning company.

"We're very excited to add endorphin to our computer animation and games technology curriculum," said Alex Counsell, who runs the Centre of Digital Creativity at University of Portsmouth. "With endorphin on our program roster, we are offering students the unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with the same cutting-edge technology that is already in use at many of today's leading game, animation and visual effects houses."

Added Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion: "We believe the future of animation depends not only on the intellect of talented production companies, but also on the education systems which feed the industry with new talent and ideas. By offering increased access to endorphin and other cutting-edge 3D technology we‚re helping to expand the talent pool for the next generation of animators. We are delighted to welcome the University of Portsmouth to our Academic Partner Program."


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