Post-RTW Scottish Enterprise cultivates new studios

Biz dev agency has spoken to 'dozens' of developers willing to go solo
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The rush of studios heading to Scotland to recruit redundant Realtime Worlds and Cohort staff might find local developers more reluctnant to leave Dundee than they think.

Business development agency Scottish Enterprise has confirmed talks with a number of developers who want to set up new studios in the city.

After Realtime Worlds went into administration and Cohort confirmed it had cut staff a number of large UK studios set up recruitment fairs in Dundee to mop up potential candidates.

But Scottish Enterprise says spurned staff are keen to stay in the city, and set up new businesses in the region.

A spokeswoman for Scottish Enterprise told the Scottish Herald: “This isn’t the end of the story. Our experience of large studios going down is that new studios grow out of them. This week has been hugely depressing, but in the next few weeks we may start to see interest in buying Realtime Worlds.”

Scottish Enterprise said that 'dozens' of staff have already enquired with the outfit about going solo.