Power-hungry app or troublesome bugs? Take control with Intel System Studio

Intel Developer Blog: Softtalkblog on what the latest updates to this debugging tool offer developers
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Intel Developer Blog: Softtalkblog on what the latest updates to this debugging tool offer developers
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Debugging can be one of the more tedious aspects of developing an app. But with mobile systems becoming more complex and wide-ranging, it’s impossible to avoid. Intel System Studio is a tool suite to tackle the most challenging demands of these evolving mobile systems: debugging, performance optimisation and power optimisation.

The updated debugging tools in the suite include Intel JTAG Debugger, which enables you to detect the bugs faster. Intel System Analyzer provides real-time performance analysis for Android devices, enabling you to monitor the CPU and GPU and potentially trace bugs back to their origins. There are also tools to help identify memory and threading errors, and data races.

However it’s no longer enough just to have a ‘debugged’ app – another big challenge now is optimisation.

Intel System Studio helps with both sides of optimisation: power and performance. The days of clunky graphics and slow responsiveness are gone and users want fast, high quality apps – even for the simplest games. The Intel Cilk Plus software in this suite helps boost multicore capabilities for processing, to help you create a smoother and more visually engaging app.

As you’ll be well aware, this boost in performance quality often means more power usage and so users find their batteries running out quicker. This is where the SoC Watch software in the Intel System Studio is useful – it monitors power states and wakeup metrics to provide insight into the system’s energy efficiency.

So if you’ve got a power-hungry app, or debugging is bugging you, try the free trial of Intel System Studio.

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