Prison Architect alpha reels in $100k in 3 days

More than 2,500 backers pledge support for the title
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Introversion’s buy-in alpha stage for its new title Prison Architect has accrued more than $100,000, the studio has revealed.

The game, which challenges the user to take control of a prison and stop inmates escaping, uses a tiered funding system.

Users able to contribute anything from $30 to $1,000 toward the title, reminiscent of the funding scheme used for crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Those who pledge $30 toward the game receive instant access the the title’s alpha stage for PC and Mac, as well as a pre-order for the finished title, whilst those who offer $1,000 will get to design one of the game’s five warden’s as well as have a prisoner of their likeness included in the final game.

As of September 29th, 1,801 users had spent $30 on the base version of the game, whilst four people had already pledged $1,000, with one spot remaining in the top bracket.

In total, the game has recieved 2,667 backers so far.

The full table can be found below, courtesy of Eurogamer:

Base ($30) - 1801
Aficionado ($35) - 343
Introversioner ($40) - 134
Name in the Game ($50) - 302
Physical Pleasures ($100) - 69
Digital-Immorto-Criminalise Your Face ($250) - 13
Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture ($500) - 1
Warden Norton I Presume? ($1000) - 4

As well as Prison Architect, Introversion has previously developed titles such as Darwinia, DEFCON, Uplink and Multiwinia.