Project Genom, the Russian MMO pulled from Steam Early Access, has returned

NeuronHaze claim they've resolved all issues and the MMO is back to stay
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Russian MMORPG Project Genom, pulled from Steam last week after behind-the-scenes issues at NeuronHaze, has returned to Steam's early access program after the developers claim they've come to an agreement with coder Artem Stekhnovskii, although

"NeuronHaze is pleased to announce that Project Genom will return on sale on Steam soon! All questions regarding disagreements on intellectual property rights have been legally resolved in the pretrial order," said NeuronHaze's spokesperson Stan Pleshchev said in an emailed statement to PCGN.

We reported on some of the fuss last week , but it appears now that Stekhnovskii and NeuronHaze have resolved their differences in an NDA'd agreement, and Project Genom has now returned to the Steam marketplace.

The developers say they've done "a lot of work" in the past few weeks in an emailed statement and that the game is now stable, both very subtle digs at their previous coder Stekhnovskii, who caused the game to be pulled from Steam in the first place when he filed a DMCA request to Valve after a payment dispute.


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