PS4 firmware updates to run in the background

Users can still play games while console downloads and installs new updates, says Yoshida
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Sony confirmed PS4 will have firmware updates, but hopes to make sure they don't prevent consumers from playing games.

PS3 owners currently have to wait for firmware updates before they can use their console, but Sony Worldwide Studios Boss Shuhei Yoshida says the platform holder aims to relegate them to the background.

"The work is still going on," he told Eurogamer. "It's about the implementation phase. It's all about how it gets implemented. So we have to wait for the final product, but our goal is always like that. 

"So there will always be firmware updates, but what we want to achieve is [putting them in the background].

"It's already been done. Like the PS Plus service actually does it, where it's downloaded but it doesn't install. So it's kind of half-baked.

"We wanted to make it so people don't have to wait for anything. If you have one hour of your time, you want to spend one hour playing games, and that's our goal."

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