PSP deal for Kuju and Sega

Sega has signed up the rights to publish a brand new PSP game being produced by Kuju's Brighton studio.
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Called Crush, the game puts a spin on 3D action titles by asking players to 'crush' the gameworld into a 2D platformer in order to solve puzzles and the world can then be returned to its original three-dimensional state. The game is due for release some time this Summer.

Sega America's Scott Steinberg called the game "truly unique" in press materials and despite the typical bluster of that comment, it's hard not to agree at least in part, given the dearth of new IP-based platform-dedicated PSP titles from publishers that aren't Sony.

Here's hoping the game fares better on Sega's books than Kuju Brighton's other new IP PSP title, Traxion did on LucasArts - it was confirmed at the start of the year that the developer and Star Wars games publisher had parted ways on a game hotly tipped after its initial announcement at E3 2006.


Sega deal for Sniper

Sega has partnered with another Western games studio for an upcoming title - this time taking on new Silicon Valley-based outfit Sniper Studios.

Rockpool signed by Sega

Is there no end to Sega's courting UK developers for new games software? Seems not - they've just signed up Rockpool Games for a bunch of mobile titles.