PSVR over 1million sales says Sony's Shawn Layden

Interview with Time magazine provides updated figure from the 900,000 in February
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Sony's PlayStation VR headset has more than 1million units sold worldwide, according to Sony's head of global game devleopment Shawn Layden.

Speaking in an interview with Time magazine he said: "We don't see it as a fad, it's a brand new medium, not only for gaming entertainment, but non-gaming entertainment."

During the interview, Layden also jokes about the timing of Sony's releases last year, which included the PlayStation 4 Pro, the new Slim PlayStation 4 and the virtual reality headset. "As you'll recall, last year we performed the daredevil stunt of launching three new pieces of hardware in 60 days," he said. "Probably won't do that again."

In an additional report from Polygon, Layden and PlayStation have also said that gamers spend 50,000 years worth of time every week on the PlayStation Network, which works out to around seven hours per week per console owner.