PSVR turns one year old and celebrates 1 million users

SCEA president, Shawn Layden, promises more VR news to come in the coming months
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Sony Computer Entertainment America president Shawn Layden has celebrated the birthday of the PlayStation VR headset by announcing it has over one million users.

Writing on the PlayStation blog, Layden said that over 100 gaming experiences have been released for the headset and that one million plus gamers have "taken the plunge into virtual reality."

"PlayStation VR was designed to open a doorway into thrilling and captivating new worlds that electrify our senses," said Layden We are confident that virtual reality is that next step in in the evolution of the videogame medium.

"But we’ve been learning a lot about this medium along the way. Building the future of VR is a lot like creating a new language. Or maybe even an entirely new alphabet! With traditional videogame development, we can draw from nearly 40 years of experimentation, trial and error.

"VR is a little bit different. Of course we’re still drawing from the long, proud history of traditional videogame development — but VR’s unique capabilities mean developing entirely different levels of artistry and engineering. Making VR a mainstream sensation will require the full efforts of our very best and brightest."

There will be more news coming on PSVR over the coming months with the PlayStation experience in December expected to unveil new projects and experiences. New games are already due to come this year including Bethesda's Skyrim and Doom getting the VR treatment and Supermassive Games' The Inpatient and Bravo Team.

The upgrade for the PSVR headset was announced earlier this month, which will allow HDR pass through for the processing unit and features inbuilt headphones.


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