Q middleware now Wii compatible

New tech moves onto Nintendo's wonder machine
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Q, the next-gen middleware solution from Qube Software, now supports Nintendo's Wii.

The engine is said to provide 80 per cent of a game's code but still be flexible enough so that developers can utilise only the parts that they require, essentially creating their own custom solution.

All of the core features of the engine are available on the Wii, including background data streaming, a renderer that supports arbitrary scene rendering algorithms, support for multi-gigabyte texture scenes and n-dimensional animation blending.

“We designed Q so that it’s lean enough to perform well on last generation consoles and is even better on the current generation of machines," said Qube's Servan Keondjian.

"Q is an incredibly powerful tool that really brings out the best in the Wii. Q fully supports special hardware features including custom shaders through platform specific APIs.

“Wii is changing the way people experience video games and reaching out to broader markets so we are very excited about this platform. With Wii, as with other platforms, Q provides an easy route to exploiting the hardware while also allowing developers to get the very most from it."

He added: "High standards of performance and rendering quality are very important to us and we will continue to build on Q’s already excellent capabilities on Wii over the coming year.”



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