Quantic Dream expands mocap facility

French studio plans to launch one of Europe's 'most advanced' capture facilities
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The Paris-based developer of Fahrenheit and Omikron: Nomad Soul - and a Develop Award-winner - Quantic Dream is in the midst of massive renovation for its motion capture facility.

Last month, Quantic Dream acquired a huge 28-camera Vicon F40 motion capture system as part of the revitalisation of its outsourcing service.

The new studio also boasts a high resolution face scanner and a 5.1 audio studio equipped for facial animation.

Before the renovation the company offered its services to other games companies plus film and advertising firms - something it will continue to do when the facility reopens in September.

However COO Guillaume De Fondaumiere - who runs the studio with creative director and founder David Cage - also told Develop that the studio was investing more than €500,000 in the project, with a refocused push on offering mocap services to other games studios.

The development side of Quantic Dream is currently hard at work on Hard Rain, a brand new title that was originally demoed last year at E3 with 'The Casting' technical demo.