Quantic Dream harnesses Vicon's motion capture tech for Beyond: Two Souls

Developer adds 28 Vicon T-series cameras to mo-cap studio
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Quantic Dream harnessed Vicon’s T-Series motion capture technology to film scenes and create character animations for its latest PS3 release Beyond: Two Souls.

The studio used Vicon’s motion capture cameras to help create realistic emotions through the game’s characters. playing actors and acctresses such as Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

Quantic Dream added 28 Vicon T-series cameras to the studio’s already existing 30 MX 40 cameras, and integrated them with data capture and processing tool Blade to film the actors.

“For this project we cast world class actors who are very familiar to our audience,” said Quantic Dream CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière.

“We needed to be sure we captured all the subtle nuances of their performances, so it was extremely important that the data have the highest possible fidelity. Because of this, we chose Vicon technology as it consistently delivers first rate results with outstanding levels of support.”

Vicon CEO Imogen Moorhouse added: “Following the success of Heavy Rain, the industry has seen huge momentum and excitement build around Beyond: Two Souls. The project has already achieved wide critical acclaim and with consumer expectations increasing all the time, now is a very exciting time to be working closely with leading studios such as Quantic Dream.”