Quazal adjusting middleware focus

Canadian company shifting from networking to service-driven model
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Canadian solutions studio Quazal is experiencing a shift from its roots as a networking company to a more service-driven model, after investment in its own infrastructure.

The studio has been speaking to Develop about its current role as a middleware provider, and its three key products: the Rendez-Vous and Spark! SDKs, and Net-Z, the networking tool that was originally Quazal’s focal point.

“It’s not only about the technology anymore, that’s for sure,” says Mike Drummelsmith, Quazal’s developer relations manager. “Not many people are coming to us just for Net-Z. Generally they come to us for Rendez-Vous and Net-Z, or for Rendez-Vous because they’re using their own networking code. Instead, what we see is studios looking forward to where online services can go from here. The networking itself isn’t changing drastically.”

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