Quazal deal for Midway

Midway has licenced Quazal's online middleware for next-gen games development.
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Quazal's Rendez-Vous and Spark! tech, which is used for in-game lobby and matchmaking features, has been signed up for use in both Midway's internal studios and titles made by third party studios.

"We intend to deliver a really solid multiplayer online experience across our next-generation titles," said Michael Weilbacher, Midway's CTO.

"It's great to be a technology provider to Midway for several titles," added Quazal's Mike Drummelsmith.


Sega deal for Sniper

Sega has partnered with another Western games studio for an upcoming title - this time taking on new Silicon Valley-based outfit Sniper Studios.

PhysX goes licence-free

Ageia, the company behind physics middleware and hardware PhysX has changed its licence agreements - allowing developers to use the tool in commercial PC games for free.