Rad brings its video development tools to PS4

Bink 2 Video and Granny 3D among tools coming to Sony's next generation platform
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Rad Game Tools, the make of the Bink video codec, is bringing its development tools to the PlayStation 4.

Rad’s Bink Video codec is currently compatible with over 12 platforms, including home consoles and handhelds, and the software has been used in more than 6,000 games.

“We’re excited to announce that all of our tools are now available for developers on PlayStation 4,” said Rad president Jeff Roberts.

“I’m a huge fan of PlayStation and tool chain. Game developers are going to love it.”

Rad’s tools include:
- Bink Video, the video playback standard, which has been used in over 6,000 games since 1998
- Bink 2 Video, a new, high-end video codec
- The Miles Sound System, used in over 5,000 games
- Granny 3D, a powerful toolkit for 3D games and applications
- Iggy, a system for integrating user interfaces into games using content created in Adobe Flash
- Telemetry, an advanced profiler for visualising real-time application performance

For more information on Rad’s products, visit its website.