Raw Data breaks VR records, hits $1m in one month

Sci-fi shooter has been purchased by at least 1 in 5 HTC Vive owners
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Survios is the first developer to have a virtual reality title that generates $1m within one month.

The firm revealed this success during an interview with Fast Company, spotted by GamaSutra. Its sci-fi shooter Raw Data is already the first VR title to reach No.1 in the overall Steam charts, albeit briefly.

The studio claims that at least 20 percent of HTC Vive owners have purchased the game, and believes Raw Data proves there is demand for triple-A titles in the VR market. Raw Data is priced at $39.99, although launched at $31.99.

“"It's more expensive than anything for the Vive, and more people wanted that. By putting more money in [and] having a higher price point, we’re signaling to users that this is a triple-A title," explained studio CEO Nathan Burba.

"There's an opportunity to own a significant part of the marketplace if you’re willing to spend capital up front. There haven’t been too many big swings [at high-quality content]. I'd love to see another venture capitalist take a big swing or two."


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