Rebellion signed to handle development of Bethesda's Rogue Warrior

Production of FPS announced in 2006 transfers to UK studio
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An announcement made today by Bethesda regarding the Hollywood talent starring in its FPS Rogue Warrior (it's The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke) has revealed that production of the long-in-development game is now being handled by UK studio Rebellion.

The game tells the story of real-life Navy SEAL and founder of the elite SEAL Team 6, Richard 'Demo Dick' Marcinko.

Bethesda has announced the game back in 2006, at the time saying it was being developed by Zombie Studios.

The new press release names Rebellion as developer for 360, PS3 and PC with the game due to land at the end of the year.

It's not the first story today detailing Bethesda's work with external studios - this morning it confirmed it had signed up A2M's actioner Wet.


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